Community & Civic Activities

Giving back to the community is important to us

Southeastern Pennsylvania and cities throughout the state of New Jersey consistently lead the nation in the number of reported homicides. Unfortunately, our youth are both the victims and perpetrators of these senseless acts of violence. Statistics show that our youth are being arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated at an alarming rate. Many are being exposed to a criminal justice system that they know nothing about.

In addition to trial advocacy, The Conner Law Group has partnered with the George E. Thorne Development Center (GETDC) to present Criminal Justice Seminars designed to introduce our youth to the Criminal Justice System. Topics covered at the seminars include, but are not limited to:

  •     Your rights after a Police Stop and Arrest
  •     Bail
  •     The Juvenile Court System
  •     ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition)
  •     Jury Selection
  •     Mandatory Sentencing
  •     Lifetime Consequences of Imprisonment
  •     How to get a Criminal Record Expunged

The seminars target youth ages 12 to 18 years old and are presented at various churches, schools and social organizations throughout our community. Participants in the seminars include Police Officers, Federal Agents, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Judges, Correctional Officers, Probation/Parole Agents and former Prison Inmates.

Police Officers and Federal Agents participating in the seminars use slide presentations to explain how criminal investigations are conducted. They also display confiscated contraband such as illegal drugs and firearms to emphasize the danger associated with drug-related crimes in our communities.

Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, and Judges participate in a panel discussion in which they describe their particular roles in the judicial system. When time permits, the attendees are divided into groups and allowed to participate in a mock trial.

The seminars usually conclude with a presentation by Correctional Officers, Probation/Parole Agents, and former Inmates. This presentation outlines what happens after a person is convicted of a crime. Issues discussed in this segment include examples of life in prison and the various restrictions imposed on convicted felons after incarceration.

For information on how to schedule a Criminal Justice Seminar for your organization, contact The Conner Law Group, LLC.