Which crimes cannot be expunged?

When an individual is convicted of a crime, they will face the consequences for years down the road, well after they have served the time sentenced by the criminal court. Having a criminal record can have serious impacts on the individual’s potential to get the housing they want, the jobs they want, and even have impacts on whether they can get a loan. In Pennsylvania, there may be opportunities for people with criminal convictions to have the crime removed from their record. The process of sealing a criminal record is known as an expungement.

Of course, not all crimes can be expunged because some are more severe than other. The categories that qualify for expungement include:

  • That the individual has a clean record for 5 years
  • The individual completed an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program
  • The individual is at least 70 years old with 10 years of a clean record
  • There is a court-ordered removal of an arrest

The crimes that are not eligible for an expungement in Pennsylvania include:

  • Certain firearm and weapons offenses
  • Animal cruelty or sexual acts with an animal
  • Subsequent criminal convictions
  • Crimes that require the individual to register under Megan’s Law
  • Intimidation or retaliation of a witness

Due to the fact that the expungement process is so complex, it is important to have the legal guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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