Eagles Win Brings Chaos to Philly Streets

Last night, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Superbowl LII. With that victory came massive celebrations throughout the city of Philadelphia and across the state of Pennsylvania. However, that really just meant that Philadelphia police were busier than ever as some Eagles fans got a little too excited about the win.

There were many reports of criminal activity across the city after the game ended. Just a few of the examples of the mayhem that took place throughout the city of Phildelphia are as follows:

  • People smashed a window at the Macy’s department store
  • A Sunoco convenience store was stormed by looters who stole goods from the store as they screamed: “everything is free.” It was not free, by the way.
  • Despite the city’s attempts to keep light poles in their place by covering them in hydraulic fluid (as opposed to the Crisco used in previous years), fans were still determined to climb them. The majority of the light poles near City Hall were knocked over by the end of the night
  • People threw beer cans at police officers and shattered beer bottles in the streets
  • A number of people climbed on top of the awning at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, some of whom jumped off before the awning completely collapsed
  • A parked car was flipped in the street by a group of rowdy fans

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