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It is your right, by the Second Amendment, to keep and bear arms. Our constitution provides the legal means to protect yourself and your family, but there are certain restrictions in place, limiting who can have a firearm and what firearms they can possess. The laws are complicated. Easily, a person can find themselves in serious legal trouble without willingly breaking the law. If you or a loved one is arrested for a firearm violation, it is important to retain the services of an effective and experienced law firm. For over 25 years, The Conner Law Group has provided strong legal defense to clients in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and Southeastern Pennsylvania. If you need an attorney that can fight for your future, contact The Conner Law Group.

What is the Uniform Firearms Act?

The Uniform Firearms Act, Title 18, Chapter 61 of the Pennsylvania Code provides the rules for many facets of gun ownership, including:

  • The sale of firearms
  • The transfer of firearms
  • The ownership of firearms
  • The use of firearms

For the most part, the Uniform Firearms Act is a generally liberal interpretation of the Second Amendment compared to other states on the Eastern Seaboard. Its general purpose is to set forth laws about the use of force in self-defense and establishes specific categories of citizens that are ineligible to purchase or possess these weapons.

Montgomery County Gun Crimes

Pennsylvania imposes restrictions on the ownership of firearms, as does many other states. If you are charged with a gun crime, it could subject you to a lengthy jail sentence and other burdens on your future. Below are just some gun crimes and their criminal charges.

  • Illegal possession of a firearm after a felony drug conviction: felony of the second degree
  • Illegal carry of a concealed weapon: felony of the third degree
  • Illegal carry of a weapon with an altered manufacturer’s serial number: felony of the second degree
  • Refusal to relinquish firearms after being the subject of a domestic violence protection order: misdemeanor of the first degree

Pennsylvania gun crime penalties

Pennsylvania gun crimes are a bit complicated. Because there are so many offenses, it is important to have quality legal support to help you understand what lies ahead. If were to be charged with a felony of the second degree, you could face up to 10 years in jail. For a felony of the third degree, a person can face up to 7 years in jail. For a misdemeanor, a person could face anywhere between 1 and 5 years. It is important to retain the services of an attorney immediately.

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If you are charged with a firearm crime, it is important to contact an attorney to discuss your legal situation. Though Pennsylvania is somewhat lenient about gun laws, the consequences for a gun crime are not. Our firm fully understands the impact a criminal conviction can have on a person’s future. Contact The Conner Law Group for a consultation.