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Defending Pennsylvania juveniles after arrest

Children make mistakes. When a child commits a crime, their future is at stake. They face serious consequences that vary based on the crime committed. Some crimes call for a child to stand trial as an adult. In the state of Pennsylvania, a juvenile crime is an offense committed by a person under the age of 18. If you are a parent of a juvenile that has been arrested, you need to consider your legal options and consulting with an effective attorney is in your family’s best interest. For over 25 years, The Conner Law group has provided effective and experienced legal support to clients facing a range of legal matters. When a child faces the same challenges as an adult or goes through the juvenile justice system, it is important for the parent and the child to know they are in good hands. If you need a Montgomery County criminal defense attorney with juvenile delinquency experience, contact The Conner Law Group for a consultation.

What is different between “juvenile” and “adult” in the court system?

When a child is arrested for a crime in Pennsylvania, they are treated differently, unless accused of a crime that waives them up to an adult trial. Generally, they face a different experience than adults. While an adult trial’s objective may be to punish the defendant, depending greatly on the crime, the juvenile court system is focused on rehabilitating the child, who has many years ahead of them. If possible, Pennsylvania would rather see them become productive members of the community.

In the juvenile court system, minors are not found guilty of crimes. They are called juvenile acts. Their court appearance is called an adjudication hearing instead of a trial. For children who are not tried as adults, their records are sealed and they are not sentenced to serve time in adult jails. On the other hand, their rights are somewhat limited. They will not have a jury of their peers and they will not be allowed bond. That said, unless they are waived up to an adult trial or pose a danger to others or constitute a flight risk, a child is not held until trial.

What if my child is tried as an adult?

If your child is charged as an adult, it would be in response to a very serious criminal charge. Crimes like murder, rape, aggravated assault, and others are likely to subject your child to an adult trial. There are other crimes that are not so cut and dry. When the chance to avoid an adult trial is possible, it is critical that you retain the services of an experienced law firm that can convince the court to waive the child down to an adjudication hearing.

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When your child is in serious trouble, it may be time to call on The Conner Law Group. We understand that the stakes are high and a child’s future may be in jeopardy. Whether they are accused of a crime that waives them up to adult court or being tried in juvenile court, our firm is ready to fight. For a consultation with a strong criminal defense team, contact The Conner Law Group.