Pennsylvania’s First 6 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Open

Last week, Pennsylvania opened its first six medical marijuana dispensaries. It is important to make sure individuals who are eligible for medical marijuana are aware of their rights and their restrictions when it comes to this advance in state marijuana laws. Though many other states throughout the country are moving towards recreational marijuana legalization, that is not the case here in Pennsylvania. However, those who have legitimate health issues that may be aided by the medicinal benefits of this drug may be eligible for medical marijuana. Here are a few important takeaways that individuals should know about the dispensaries:

  1. Only individuals who have been approved by a doctor can use medical marijuana
  2. Patients who go to the dispensaries can purchase 30 days worth of the drug
  3. Dispensaries are not permitted to sell any products that can be smoked. They can only sell marijuana in the form of oils, resins, lotions, transdermal patches, concentrates, and more
  4. Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Board may be changing its stance on whether cannabis products can be smoked in an effort to lower costs for patients but the matter is still up for debate
  5. Some of the conditions that are considered “serious medical conditions” eligible for medical marijuana use include PTSD, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, among others.
  6. The Department of Justice still has the right to enforce laws regarding marijuana possession and distribution, regardless of whether an individual is a medical marijuana ID card holder

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