Philadelphia’s Police Misconduct Review Committee Formed

This week, news came out about a secret list of police officers in Philadelphia that were accused of various forms of police misconduct since August 2016. The list had nearly two dozen police officers on it that had been previously found to have been dishonest, been racially biased, or exhibited police brutality. This compilation was made by the Police Misconduct Review Committee, which was ordered by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. This committee was created in an effort to make sure that officers accused of misconduct are not permitted to testify in court because there have been findings across the country of officers who falsify evidence, frame suspects, and then lie about it in their testimonies.

Though the existence of the list has been made public, the names of officers that are on the list have not been released in an effort to protect their privacy. In addition, the District Attorney’s Office realized the serious impacts that releasing the list would have on prosecutors, taxpayers, and defendants. For example, there was a group of narcotics officers in Philadelphia that framed suspects, stole money, and even narcotics. Once the FBI made these allegations, the District Attorney’s Office and the City of Philadelphia had to pay out $2 million in civil settlements, drop 800 cases, and release many defendants who were convicted.

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